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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indonesian Food #1: Medan Kwetiau

Medan Kwetiau

Indonesia may be a country where 2km-long traffic-jams is a part of the daily grind, and where poverty is a very confronting and a clearly visible problem. It can be quite a shocking experience. 

Even with all the problems that this country has, there is one thing I can be proud of: Indonesian Food!

Medan Kwetiau
Indonesian Stir-Fried Flat-Rice Noodle

I'd like to introduce you all to the Medan Kwetiau: Indonesian Stir-Fried Flat-Rice Noodle! 
It's quite similar to the Pad See-Ew from Thailand. The sauce is generally Soy Sauce & Fish Sauce base, but what makes it distinctively Indonesian is the use of Sweet Soy Sauce (Kecap Manis). 

Medan is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia, and is quite renowned for the range of delicious cultural dishes. The Chinese culture is very prominent there, which introduced a variety of food and add to the diversity in culinary palette for the city! (Yey for Diversity!)

Medan Kwetiau is one of the most famous dishes that they have there, and there is a whole street that is packed with restaurants that serve this particular dish because of its popularity with the locals.

The ingredients, which includes egg, fishballs, shallots and of course, flat- rice noodles, are stir-fried in a humongous wok with an even bigger fire. It is generally better cooked with a gas-stove instead of an electric-stove, because the fire brings out the flavor and aroma much better in my opinion. The noodles are wrapped in banana leaves, which not only for sealing in the flavour, but also for packaging purposes. This makes it the perfect street food and take-away! 

It has been my personal favorite and I will not fail to have it (at least once) every time I visit Medan.

Do try it when you have the chance, and let me know of your favorite Indonesian Dish in the comments below!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe in Myong-dong

I actually went to the cat one first, before going to the dog one. :P


Okay, the setting is pretty similar to the dog-cafe except with a lot more scratching posts, kitty litter boxes, yarnball and etc. Oh! fishbone decor as well. IT's CAT HAVEN. 

They are pet-able, although it's advisable not to pick them up, and I don't think you can feed them. 
I am not 100% sure on that one though. 

This little guy below is the star of this Cafe. 
You'll find that the smaller ones likes to play with you more.
It was playing with my Hoodie's string. Haha. 

Ummm, I must say I like the Dog Cafe better. 
Maybe it's because I'm more of a Dog-person. Haha.
And also because it was probably cat-nap time :D

Nevertheless, it still has a charm. :)

"Read Ray's Blog. Or else. Purrrr~"

Bau Haus Doggie Cafe - Hongdae

Ah, okay. MY finals FINALLY finished! :D So time for some blogging! 
I have so many adventures to tell you guys about, so let's start with the recent one :)

First of all the name of the cafe is Bau Haus and it's in Hongdae, just a station away from Sinchon, so it's awesome. Basically you can feel like owning a dog, without the fuss of feeding and cleaning up after them. 

I must say the idea intrigued me, and I wondered the insurance that needs to come with it ie. dog bites person or person bites dog etc. BUT nevertheless, it was a smart idea, I think. 
They only offer Cold drinks for around 5000 KRW (AUD$5) upwards, so it is pretty decent since you can play with the dogs and stay for as long as you want. You can also buy them treats to win their puppy love. Oh yes, they love you more if you have treats of course. Little like bribing, so they have been taught well. :D

The dogs are hug-able, pet-able, but not ride-able nor are they edible. :P
Although in my mind I did. 

Ride them, that is.

They are amazingly huge and furry and would give you love under one condition: Scooby Snacks. So you can judge their popularity by how FAT they are. 
하키 is quite possibly the most popular of them all. His fur is like Chocolate (good enough to eat? Haha. Jokes. That's for another blog entry :P) and he modestly begs for treats just by sitting next to you with his tongue out. I gave him like 5 by the end of the day :D 

I also love this guy. 
The shopkeepers must have drawn eyebrows on his, which I found hilarious. 

A few caution. Your coats are probably gonna be covered in doggie fur if you are petting them and such. Although they were smart enough to not put hot drinks on the menu, spillage do happen, dogs will be jumpin' on tables and your lap sometimes (the small ones quite possibly), but they are all well-behaved. 

Also I know what you're thinking, they must stink right? 
(Interesting fact = 'Bau' in Indonesian means Smelly :D)
Surprisingly not at all really. 
The room is well air-conditioned with a lot of sprays and odour-killing technology.
If you are allergic to dogs...... I don't know why you would want to come here.

Well. Maybe. Except. To die. A furry death.

I have hundreds of pictures, it's a shame I can't put them all here. 
Each of them have different personalities and so yeah! pick out your favorite! :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

닭갈비 - DagGalBi - Spicy Chicken

Yum, yum yum.

I had this dish in Sydney, but to have it here is extraordinarily different. 

It wasn't as spicy as the one in Sydney, but I was pretty sure they can ante up the spice level. 
Then again, if you were my sister whose tongue can be massaged with chilli and complained that it's sweet, this wouldn't be spicy at all :D

It's a spicy chicken dish that uses the world famous Korean hot pepper sauce as a marinade.
The sizzling chicken that is accompanied by an array of vegies, sausages and rice cakes are one of the most soothing sounds I have ever heard. :P

The toppings may very, and some people likes to top it all off with mozzarella cheese melting on top of the fiery dish. 

Like Ori Bulgogi, you can have Fried Rice near the end of the meal to fill you up!

Palazzo Due

Located in the back-alleys of Insa-dong. 
This place is not that obvious, and I only stumbled upon it by chance when I saw its little sign.

From the outside, it doesn't look impressive at all. 

However, this is one of those empirical proof that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover!

This is one of the places you should take your date on. 
Although, be warned it may get crowded at certain times.
Luckily I got there early enough.

I recommend the Fettucine with Alfredo Sauce that comes with fresh broccoli, half-stripped shrimps, and an unusual green pasta bathed in white-cream sauce ~

The Carbonara is also not a bad choice. The semi-crispy bacon has a strong aroma that is well accompanied by button mushroom :d

찜닭 - Jjim Dag

찜닭 Jjim Dag is one of my favourite Korean dish. Okay, they are all pretty much my favourite ~ but you know what I mean! :D It's like choosing between your children :P

It's a main course that combines your ordinary vegies: potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, with chicken steamed and stir-fried (i think), and a silky, transparent noodles made from rice (fun to chew and very soft) ;) 

The noodle can be tricky to eat and serve, which is why we were given the scissors :D

I ate this between the 3 of us, and I must say it was quite filling :D

It can also be spicy as hell for you chilli-lovers 

이화여대 (이대) - Ewha Women's University - MiGo

Ewha Women's University is a station away from Sinchon. 
The University is exclusively for women only, although they accept male international students. 

It has a beautiful name - the Flower of Pear - that is fitting to describe the elegance displayed by the campus grounds and of course, those who dwell within it. :P 
Needless to say, the 'sceneries' are indeed, pleasing to the eye. :D

The reason I am mentioning this wonderful sanctuary is:

1. WOMEN ONLY! It is interesting to find that there are universities that are exclusively for women, that can't be found in Australia. (correct me if I'm wrong)

2. Shoppin' HEAVEN ~ It's a great place to shop! (if you're a woman) - As you can see, the shops here are targeting the university students, which is why it is composed of attire fit for the ladies (and maybe your usual cross-dressing Saturday nights if you're a bloke) :D It's fairly cheap too - the sale in the picture advertises clothes for around AUD$4.50 - $8.50

3. MiGo - If you are a lover of Cheesecake, Sweet potato cake or Ice Deserts - this is definitely a must! 

Located bout 100m away from the main gate of the Ewha University, it is a lovely little Cafe, quite famous for its Sweet Potato cake. I know it sounds a bit weird, but it's pretty good! :D 

I was too full at that moment to have enjoyed it thoroughly though~~ :( Blast! Why didn't I have 2 stomachs?!?!?!? :P

The lush red beans, the fresh burst of kiwi, strawberry and banana, cooled down with the mountain of finely crushed ice makes this wonderful desert- *slurp :d